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On 8th March 2023, the world celebrated International Women’s Day.

The Prince’s Trust has united some of the UK's much-loved brands who have all committed to #ChangeAGirlsLife, each in their own unique way.

By shopping with these brands or donating directly to The Prince’s Trust, together we can help thousands of young women across the UK build a better future for themselves.


This International Women's Day we want you to help Change A Girl's Life.  

My life before Prince's Trust is a completely different world away from how my life is now. I was unemployed. I had two young children, as well. I lacked a lot of confidence. I completed a programme with The Prince's Trust called Get Started with the Ambulance Service. Now I look at myself and I am so much more confident. I've found my purpose in life. My kids are thriving and I'm finally happy again.

You can help The Trust to support more young women like me to overcome barriers and build a better future for themselves.

Before Prince's Trust I was very down and I had quite bad depression and I couldn't leave the house because of really bad anxiety. I didn't have any friends. I didn't have any sort of life. I didn't have any hobbies. I was just completely stuck. And Prince's Trust worked with me to build my confidence, my self-esteem, get me talking to other young people my age again.

Without the right support there is a very real risk that these young women will lose hope for the future. Every day I hear from, I see young women struggling. Struggling to make it. Struggling to break in. Struggling to build themselves up. And that is why Change A Girl's Life for The Prince's Trust, supported proudly by Dell Technologies, is raising vital funds to raise up, rebuild and give these young women everything they need to make a life for themselves.

The courses The Prince's Trust offers helps these young women gain the skills and confidence they need for training, education and building a future for themselves.

The Prince's Trust has changed my life in so many ways. From not only having a job and a stable income but they've also given me the confidence that I needed to believe in myself again, which I had lost heavily due to being stuck in the pandemic.

Having a mentor that can guide me. That whenever I have question or wherever I feel that I want to push my ideas or I have an idea,  I go to my mentor. Me, as a person, that's never did business before have somebody that can guide me to push my dreams basically.

By shopping with brands who are supporting this campaign or directly donating to The Prince's Trust, you can Change A Girl's Life this International Women's Day.

The Trust has changed my life and this is their chance to change more.

Help young women to break the cycle and start something new.

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Each brand is helping to #ChangeAGirlsLife in their own unique way – so check them out, shop and make a difference today.

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